Fitting an Energy Efficient Composite Door

Our Customer’s existing door was a pretty poor quality hardwood door which had a couple of problem areas. First of all the door had warped over time and this caused gaps between the door and frame which resulted in a major draught running down the hall and through the house, second the locking system was the old type 3 point lock which had been giving problems when trying to lock the door externally.

The Brief:

McCusker Windows and Doors to supply and install an energy efficient, low maintenance Composite door with a multipoint locking system and overall good security.

The Door:

Taking all of our customer’s requirements on board we recommended to them that we install a Composite door from the Palladio collection. They opted for the Palermo door with a white frame surround and a bog oak door leaf, fitted with a diamond resin designed triple glazed unit of glass to each panel. They put the finishing touches on the door by choosing a gold knocker and letterbox which really stood out on the bog oak door.

The Job:

Once on site we started by carefully removing the old door, in this particular case the existing door had been fitted from new with fixing brackets so once we located them and cut them off it made the removal that little bit easier. We then installed the new Composite door and fixed it securely in place and made sure all adjustments were made to make the operation of the door smooth and easy, then all that was left was to do was to seal externally and make sure the place was spic and span!

The Result:

The customer was delighted with the overall result as you can see in the pictures both before and after the new Composite door has not only improved the insulation and security but has also transformed the external look of the house.

Composite Door Replacement Red                               Composite Door Replacement Black


Our Composite doors come triple glazed as standard and offer an overall U Value of 0.85

making it extremely well insulated and the best on the market. As far as security goes the door is fitted with an 8 point locking system which includes a hook lock and shoot bolt which offers great peace of mind.

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