A Porch for all Seasons

We recently fitted this lean-to porch in Naas, Co. Kildare. Porches have multiple purposes not only can they improve the appearance of a house they serve as an excellent secondary means of security.  Should your home be exposed to high winds they act as an excellent wind breaker taking away all the weather from the existing front door or for the sun worshiper they can retain the heat even in the winter months.

Porch 2      Porch 1

The finish on this porch is Rosewood PVC which tied in nicely with the brick work on our customers house and the existing brown aluminium windows. We fitted French doors to the front to marry in with the internal door and also to make it an easy point for access. We added a window at the side with an opening for ventilation, the roof is polycarbonate which is an excellent performer at retaining heat particularly in the colder months.

The end result looks great not only has it helped with the overall insulation and security of the house but with the edition of a few pot plants and new floor tiles it’s become a great space too.

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PVC Windows Installation Castleknock

The Job Replacing windows is probably one of our favourite installation projects to take on. I suppose it’s because in most cases the windows we are removing are on their last legs, letting in draughts, rotting, and really gone beyond the good lick of paint that would normally bring them back to life! This really gives us the opportunity to showcase the benefits of our windows and to really make a difference to the comfort of somebody’s home.

Here are just a few of the benefits of replacing your old windows with new energy efficient windows:

  • Notice a major reduction in heat loss throughout the house.
  • No More Condensation.
  • Low maintenance. (bye bye paint brush!)
  • High security internally beaded windows. (glass cannot be removed from the outside)
  • Reduction in noise levels coming from the road or street outside.

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Sliding Patio Door Installation

The Brief:

Our customer had an area in front of their existing front door which was covered in and an ideal place to put a sliding door or porch door. They had two requests, firstly they wanted a well insulated door to stop draughts from entering their house and secondly an extra means of security. We recommended they opt for our 3 part greenline sliding patio door, the greenline offers impressive insulation values and is fully reinforced throughout.  We used 28mm double glazed glass units filled with argon gas and they are glazed internally which means the glass cannot be removed from the outside, the door is fitted with a multipoint locking system which ticks all the boxes on our security and insulated briefs.


Fitting was nice and straight forward on this one, because the area we were fitting the door to was already plastered it was a really clean job. Firstly, we offered up the door to the opening and got it squared and level, this is probably the most important aspect of fitting any door, if your door is not fitted properly day one it will more than likely never operate smoothly. We then screw fixed our door securely using anchor fixings. Next was to fit our glass minding not to break any!! Then all that was left was to seal the door with silicone, we kept the door in a little bit all the way around (see pics) the reason for this was to get a nice silicone seal to weather the door after installation.


A quick tidy and the job was complete see before and after pictures for the end result!


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Benefits of Sash Windows for a Period House

The Brief

Working on this project was a real treat as it’s not every day you get to work on a Period property. Inverness is a beautiful house with loads of charm, Built c.1810 it’s an excellent example of the type of Georgian house we find in many towns and streetscapes throughout the country. McCusker Windows and Doors brief was to replace the existing sliding sash windows with a energy efficient window with particular focus on reducing the noise levels heard from passing traffic on the street which runs along the front of the house.

The Windows

Listening to our customers needs we recommended our Spectus profile sliding sash window in a white grained finish, this particular finish is slightly off white which was more in keeping with the existing window colour and would not compromise the period features of the house we also made the new sash windows to mirror the Wyatt type sash window which was the original design. In terms of reducing the noise we opted for soft coated double glazed units, these units were specifically made using 6.4mm laminated glass externally this method is very effective when trying to dampen out levels of road noise. The fixtures and fittings were brass to match the old furniture fitted to the existing windows.

The Result


Inverness Before


  Inverness After

As you can see from the before and after pictures the new windows look great, and really add a fresh look but still manage to have that original period house feel.

If you have any questions on this project or would like a quotation for Sash Windows contact McCusker Windows and Doors on 01-232 1027 or  fill out our enquiry form.

Let Composite Doors Beat the Winter Chill!!

Looks like the cold snap is on its way back and with tests showing that up to 35% of heat is lost through doors now might be a good time to consider beating the winter chill and installing a new composite door from our Palladio range, check out some of our recent installations.

Black Composite Door Black Palladio Door Black Composite Door Under Arch Black Composite Door Under Large Frame Black Composite Door with Glass Red Composite Door Green Composite Door Black Composite Door 1

Large Red Composite Door

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3 Tips to keep your windows in tip top order this Winter!

As I stood in the freezing cold this morning trying to jump start my poor van I realised the importance of looking after and maintaining your valued items, the van gave me all the warning signs the previous few mornings, it had started to cough a bit and struggle to start but I refused to listen and hence got caught out without jump leads in the freezing cold! Lesson learnt! Look after what you have or it will cost you!!

The same applies for your windows and doors like vans they too have moving parts and sometimes only need the most minor DIY to keep them in good order and maintain their energy efficiency particularly before the winter sets in, here are 3 simple DIY tips that will help you look after your windows.

1: Keep your hinges lubricated

When window hinges get dry they can cause all sorts of problems the most common being when the window sash doesn’t close tightly to the frame, this leaves a gap between the sash and Continue reading

Fitting an Energy Efficient Composite Door

Our Customer’s existing door was a pretty poor quality hardwood door which had a couple of problem areas. First of all the door had warped over time and this caused gaps between the door and frame which resulted in a major draught running down the hall and through the house, second the locking system was the old type 3 point lock which had been giving problems when trying to lock the door externally.

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